Copenhagen Denmark

10 Things About Copenhagen

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Iceland, Copenhagen, and Belgium.  We wanted to share a few things that might help other people traveling to Copenhagen.

1.  The metro is the perfect way to get to Copenhagen from the airport.  Don’t stand in line to buy train tickets if you are only taking the metro – proceed upstairs to the metro and buy your tickets there.  You won’t have to stand in line, they have several ticket kiosks.  You can even download an app to your mobile.  The system is based on a number of zones. For example: The trip from the airport to the center covers 3 zones. When travelling around in the inner city, you will usually need only 2 zones.  Some of the metro maps online contain a section not yet built.   This link will give you some good information.

2. Smoking is fairly common.  Several places offered smoking areas.  We even found a couple bars outside the city that were completely smoking.  All restaurants and bars had ashtrays sitting on the outside tables.  Several offered blankets on the chairs and provided heat lamps.3.  Food and beverages can expensive.  We were paying around $7 or $8 US for a pint of beer.  We stopped for 2 hamburger meals with fries and a bottle of coke which cost us around $30 US.

4.  Credit is widely accepted.  If you are in a bar they typically expect payment at time of service

5.  Gambling is legal.  You will see a couple slot machines in many bars.  They also have a Casino.

6.  If you are shopping be sure to ask for a VAT refund form.  They will not offer it.  You must purchase a minimum of 300DK which is around $45 US.  Use this link for more information.

7.  Stay outside the city and take the metro into the city.  We stayed in an airbnb close to a metro stop.  We would take the metro into the city during the day and explore the local neighborhood in the evening.  Copenhagen is fairly small for being the capital.

8.  The language barrier was low.  Most everyone we met in the city center spoke English.  It was in the outer neighborhoods that we ran into a couple of people who did not speak any English.

9.  Give yourself plenty of time at the airport to get through security.  The day we departed they had an emergency evacuation and we had to leave the airport.  We were allowed back in after 15 minutes but we had to go through security again.

10.  The people are friendly and accommodating.  Everyone we met was extremely nice and enjoyed chatting with us.Copenhagen is a beautiful city.  

We would definitely recommend a visit.

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