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Mark 16:15

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What is this site all about?

We want to make travel easier and more enjoyable for everyone.  We will share our tips on how you can see the world on a beer budget.  You can travel international without breaking the piggy bank if you know how. 

How we got started?

We love to travel.  In fact we LIVE to travel.  Each trip we take we learn something new.  We want to share what we've learned.  We thought this was the best way.

Why travel?

We believe travel changes you and for the better.  It connects you with other people and cultures.  It makes you smarter, more social, better at conversation, more adaptable, and more confident.  Once you travel you will never be the same.


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Why another travel site?

Hello everyone,    We are the Nicodemus '.   I work in the IT industry and my husband is a conductor for the railroad..  We love to travel.  Traveling brings us closer to God.  When we see this majestic world he created for us it moves our soul.        

We have thought a lot about the time it will take to create and maintain this website and blog.  We think it is definitely worth it though.  We want to help people the same way other blogs, websites, and travel forums have helped us.  When you haven't been somewhere it is always more difficult to know the correct plans to make.  We plan to blog each trip we take in detail so that maybe it will help someone headed to that destination.      

Here is a list of the countries we have visited.  (* means only one of us) While in the Marine Corps my husband lived in both Hawaii & Japan.  I might have missed a couple of my husbands destinations from when he was on active duty or contracting overseas:   

  Afghanistan *   Argentina   Australia (+Tasmania)  Austria     Bahamas   Belgium  Belize *   Brazil   Cambodia   Canada   China   Costa Rica   Croatia  Denmark   England   France   Germany   Greece   Honduras *   Hungary   Iceland  Iraq *   Ireland   Israel *   Italy   Jamaica   Japan    Kenya *   Korea South *   Kuwait *   Lebanon *   Lesotho   Malaysia   Mexico   Monaco   Mozambique   New Zealand   Nigeria   Northern Ireland   Peru   Philippines *   Poland   Scotland   Singapore   Slovakia   Slovenia   Somalia *   South Africa   Spain   Swaziland   Switzerland   Thailand   Turkey   United Arab Emirates *   United Kingdom   Vatican City    Wales   United States - we have been to almost every US state.  Almost!!       

We hope you can find useful information on our site and in the blog.  Information that makes your travel easier and more enjoyable.  We also hope you enjoy following us throughout the world.  If travel doesn't move your soul then the people you meet along the way will.